Spring is here – prepare your lawn as a pro

Now that the cold season is gone, you have to take a look outside your house, and see what things require your attention. You have neglected for too long the garden and lawn, and now you have to help them a little, if you want them to grow and transform your property into a beautiful place. It is warm outside, so you will find pleasant to spend a few hours every day in the garden. Caring the lawn should be a nice activity these days, but if you do not know where to start from, you can hire a company as http://www.superiorlawnscapes.com to help you. They are experts and they know what steps they have to follow in order to prepare the lawn for the spring. If you want to do it by yourself, you should follow these tips.

Make time to remove debris

This might be a daunting task for you, but you should make time to rake away the debris from the cold season, including the sticks and leaves. If you do not do this, you will have difficulties in watering, mowing, planting seeds and doing other things. Racking will loosen the surface of the soil and will improve the airflow, so the grass will grow strong and healthy. It is advisable to rake the leaves in the autumn, but if you had no time to do it then, you should make sure you do it as soon as possible now.

Apply grass seeds

In the majority of cases, homeowners fix the bald spots of the lawn in the fall, but if you notice that there are areas where grass does not grow, you should apply new seeds. You have to apply seeds in the areas where the grass id dead or week, because you want the lawn to have a uniform look. You will have to open the surface of the lawn with a strong rake. Make sure to mix the seeds with healthy soil and spread the mixture over the surface of the lawn. It is recommended to regularly water the spots you have replanted to help them grow fast.

Water deeply if you want a beautiful lawn

People tend to spend a few minutes watering the lawn, because they consider that it is enough to do it daily. Well, the key to a beautiful and strong lawn is to water it when it needs, but to provide it a lot of water. It will not have the same effect if you water it daily, but with little water. If you water it deep, you will help the grass dig deeper in the soil, and to grow stronger.

Check for snow mold

If there is snow mold then you should ask professionals to come and take a look, because this is a condition resulted from the lack of oxygen, the lawn dealt with during the winter. The grass did not receive enough oxygen during winter, because it was covered in snow. Experts will know how to improve its state, and will offer you advice on how to care the lawn in the spring.