Steps to teach your children respect their nanny


As a parent, you know that children are not always respectful, so when it comes the time for you to get back to work and hire a nanny to care your children, you might be nervous, that they might not respect her and see her as an authority. So, you are the one who has to teach them to respect her, but also they have to learn how to respect any other person they get in touch with. Respecting the others is an important lesson for children, so make sure that you teach them from early ages. When you hire a person from a nanny agency London you have to be sure that your children would respect her, because this is the only way they would listen to her and they would follow her instructions.

Present the nanny to your children

The first step in teaching them to respect the nanny is to achieve a certain level of comfort between them. So you have to talk with each of your children and be sure that they are happy with this decision, and they understand that they have to spend a couple of hours daily with the nanny. You should spend a few days together with the nanny and the children for help them get accustomed with each other.

Share your children your expectations

You should highlight your children how you expect them to behave, because they have no idea other way. You should tell them that you bring a nanny in the house because you have to be sure that they are safe and secure while you are away from home. Also she would do a lot of activities with them, and they would have a lot of fun, but for this they have to listen to her, and respect her program.

Support the nanny’s decisions

The best way you can teach your children to respect their nanny is to show them that you respect her. So, support her decisions regarding manners, activities and discipline, because in this way children would understand that you have the same opinion and they would see her as an authority. For example, if the nanny considers that children should eat fruits and vegetables after lunch, and they ask for a sweet treat, you should not allow them to have it, because in this way they would not see her as an authority.