Stylish ways to wear a plain white dress

There is no more versatile piece of clothing than a plain white dress. There are no boundaries in terms of accessories and there are no restrictions when it comes to the season you can wear them. Moreover, the styles they come in make them versatile for every occasion, classy or casual. You can find a variety of plain white dresses in online shops like However, we are going to provide some pieces of information in terms of styling and accessorizing them.

1. A high-low plain white dress for a business brunch

Yes, you can certainly make a high-low dress look business appropriate and we are going to tell you how to do so. Excepting the central piece of your outfit, which is, obviously, the dress, you are going to need a pair of black suede stiletto shoes. A big black bag would fit perfectly in the picture, and in terms of hairstyle, you should go for a sleek ballerina bun. A pair of golden stud earrings and a golden statement necklace will add some class. Keep your makeup on a classy note with some nude lipstick and some brown eye makeup. Now pair those with a lot of confidence and prove what a great business woman you are.

2. Style that dress for some shopping

Take that comfy high-low dress to a shopping session. We all know how exhausting a shopping day can be, and you want to make sure you make yourself comfortable. A messy bun would be perfect on a hot summer day and some white sneakers will assure you your feet are not going to hurt at any time. Get that big shopper bag out of the closet, too. Having in mind that the rest of your outfit is quite minimalist, you can choose a bag in any color. Less is better, especially when you have to carry all those shopping bags.

 3. Stand out at a formal dinner

If you are going to meet your in-laws, this can put a lot of pressure on you in terms of style. Although your partner certainly loves your style, pleasing your mother-in-law can be a lot trickier. In your help comes once again the plain white dress. You can style it in a proper manner even if it is a high-low one. A gorgeous lace one paired with some nude shoes and some minimalist accessories like small earrings and a delicate silver ring will properly complete your look. In terms of bags, find in your stash a classy clutch, and here you have it. The perfect look for a formal meeting with your in-laws.

4. Printed elegant midi dress for a wedding

Yes, you can definitely wear a white dress at a wedding. However, make sure it has some modern print and you pair it with a sleek low ponytail and some black shoes. A classy clutch and minimalist makeup will perfectly complete the look.

We have the proof you can style a white plain dress regardless of the occasion. Therefore, order yourself some if you a not the happy owner of such a dress already.