Swings for more than recreational purposes – helping children with special needs

Having a child with special needs requires you to provide various devices in order to make their experiences less stressful and relax easier. You must consider buying weighted blankets and a therapy swing. A therapy swing does not help only children with autism, but also children that find it hard to concentrate and rest. They are especially good for patients with ADHD. Therefore, consider buying a special needs swing and see the benefits it has, as presented below.

1. A swing can boost autistic children’s abilities

A swing for therapy purposes can boost the children’s abilities to process sensatory input. Autistic persons require activities that put a lot of pressure of them and feel more relaxed when they experience repetitive movements. Therefore, a sensatory swing can improve their ability to concentrate on activities they cannot usually perform. This implies vestibular sensory integration. In the motions generated by swings, vestibular activity is enabled and this enables the children to have a development closer to normal. The swings are perfect for the sensory rooms most children with special needs have in their houses. A 360 degrees movement is going to be more effective with autistic children than the back and forth movement regular swings have.

2. An activity that enables autistic individuals to combine stimuli

Regular people have no problem to process sensory information from various sources. However, autistic children find it difficult to mix those stimuli and they oftentimes withdraw from over stimulating activities. They prefer repetitive activities that narrow the spectrum and provide known sensations. Part from the therapy many children with autism are under is based on swings because it makes it easier for them to process stimuli from different sources. It increases the child’s ability to concentrate better and decreases the anguish the feel oftentimes. Moreover, children suffering from attention issues like ADHD, find it a lot easier to concentrate on specific tasks like reading and other school projects.

3. The importance of sensory integration for children with special needs

Sensory integration is one’s ability to interpret information from various sources like hearing, sight, tactile senses and to translate them into conscious information. The ability to correlate that info and be aware of it is diminished in children and even adults suffering from disorders from the autistic spectrum. Their responses to stimuli are slower and considerably less prominent. Studies have shown that activities like swinging enable the autistic patients to correlate and interpret stimuli.

Do not let your loved ones to live in a chaotic world, especially when you can do something to make their existence easier and their experiences closer to normal. You certainly know that tactile and movement stimuli improve the way they see the world. Furthermore, you can help children suffering from ADHD to become more attentive and concentrate better in various situations. In addition, you can make tasks like mathematics and reading a lot easier for them and contribute to better grades. Search the market and maybe do some research beforehand. There are many options available and you want to make sure your decision is going to match your child’s needs.