The advantages and disadvantages of micro-pigmentation

Micro-pigmentation represents a common and high requested procedure nowadays by both men and women, but for different reasons. Generally, men resort to this type of treatment if they deal with baldness or hair thinning while women opt for permanent make-up to achieve cosmetic enhancements, including eyebrows filling, permanent lip color or eyeliner and more. Micro-pigmentation is equally included in the medical and cosmetic industry and it basically means tattooing certain areas on your face and body in order to help with skin discoloration, hide certain scars or give the impression of a professional make-up. The goal of this procedure is to ensure a natural look so nobody will realize the secret behind your perfect appearance. However, when it comes to any type of treatment, you must inform yourself about the advantages and disadvantages on the long term, especially if it guarantees permanent results. Therefore, learn more about micro-pigmentation before you take action.


Indeed, micro-pigmentation offers undisputable benefits representing an effective solution for many problems or inconveniences. It is the best option for those women that fought breast cancer because it can easily cover the unpleasant effects left on their body. Obviously, we are talking about breast reconstruction. In addition, if you have experienced accidents that caused burns or you have lost your hair because of chemotherapy, you should be happy to hear that micro-pigmentation can help you with all these problems. Other women, who are always busy prefer this treatment because it reduces the time reserved for make-up. Compared to other types of procedures, micro-pigmentation is easy to perform and provides immediate results. You could take advantage of the benefits offered by micro-pigmentation without hesitation, you just need to make sure and check the background and experience of the professional and pay attention if the instruments are sterile. After the procedure, your only job is to stay away from excessive sunlight because it can alter the results and you do not want that.


Even though you believe that micro-pigmentation implies permanents effects, you should be aware of the fact that certain specialists state that color fading is inevitable and you will have to repeat the same process after a few years. Along with this, you will have to invest a great amount of money, depending on the area, the professional’s efficiency and the results. Some people make significant efforts in order to afford this type of treatment, so this represents a great disadvantage for them. Speaking of satisfying results, if you choose this procedure to hide medical conditions like vitiligo, you should know that it could worsen your aspect by causing patches of different colors on your skin and you will have to resort to laser or other effective solutions to solve the problem. Another thing you should consider when it comes to micro-pigmentation is possible negative side effects that may affect your health. If the procedure is not done correctly, you may experience bruising or infection. On the other hand, depending on each patient, some of them may be allergic.