The amazing benefits that come with playing netball


Many children nowadays suffer from obesity and the effects it has over their fitness and health are extremely serious in most cases. In order to help them stay fit and healthy, parents should consider enrolling their children in some sports teams and one very popular sport today is netball, so search for one of the best netball leagues in London. Besides keeping them fit, here are other great benefits that come with enrolling children in netball teams.

They make new friends

Netball is one of those team sports that help children learn how to socialize better and make some new, long-term friends. Coming in contact with other children their age outside school yard is a great way to bond new friendships.

It is not expensive

Compared to other sports, netball is not as expensive as one may think. The only things a player will need are netball clothing, appropriate shoes and a ball in order to be able to practise even when at home, so there is no need to spend a lot of money on bats or professional rackets for instance. What is more, this sport can be played on nearly any level ground, so there is no need to look for an expensive netball court and hire it to play.

They learn to coordinate their minds and their bodies better

In netball, it is mandatory that you pay attention not only on the way you are playing or on holding the ball for as long as possible, but to keep an eye on your teammates and your opponents as well, since you have to know what move each player on the field makes in order to determine what should be your next move. It is a great exercise that helps players to learn how to coordinate their bodies and their minds in order to obtain the best results during the match.

They learn what winning and losing actually means

Playing any kind of sports is a great way for children to understand the value of winning, but mostly the value of losing, which should have only one meaning – “keep on practising”. Another great advantage when it comes to netball is that they manage to understand what being part of a team actually means and this is an important lesson that is going to help them for the rest of their lives.

All in all, these are some of the advantages that come with playing netball.