The benefits of installing exterior insulation


People have doubts when it comes to the importance of exterior insulation. While they recognize the necessity of insulating the home, they do not believe that adding extra coating to the external walls is relevant. In fact, it is. What you should keep in mind is that it is essential to insulate both interior and exterior walls. For exterior insulation, please visit Covering the entire façade of the house with insulation will cut down your heating costs, not to mention that it will provide a number of other benefits. In what follows, we will discuss the main benefits of external insulation.

Preventing heat loss

The main issue with homes built prior to 2000 and even modern ones is the fact that they are under insulated. A great deal of energy is lost as a result of the fact that the building does not retain the heat. Approximately 40% of energy is lost due to poor or insufficient insulation, so it is not surprising if the house gets cold once the heating system is turned off. Exterior insulation practically deals with the problem. By installing an external thermal enclosure system you are covering the portion of the home through which the heat escapes. You will be able to enjoy a stable temperature in the home as well as make energy savings. Even though the exterior insulation is thick, you should not worry that it will take up much of the external floor space or that it will disrupt your household.

Preventive measure against mould

One of the most common problems of indoor environments is mould. The fact is that mould only grows in places with elevated levels of moisture. The best method for preventing mould growth is managing moisture levels, which can be accomplished by adding external wall insulation. The exterior covering will raise the temperature of the interior walls and prevent the formation of condensation. The external wall insulation completely removes water droplets, so condensation is not likely to occur inside the finishing material. External insulation should be installed even if there is existing mold growth.

Improving the appearance of your home

Exterior wall insulation will positively affect the appearance of your home. The insulation material can be painted, embedded with small stones or tiled. No matter what insulation material you choose, you can be sure that your home will look beautiful. It can be said that exterior insulation revitalizes the home’s appearance. To keep the covering looking fresh, you should paint it every 15 years or so.

To conclude, when you put insulation on the external walls, you enjoy many benefits. You will no longer have to deal with indoor air quality issues, so you can live comfortably in your home. By opting for exterior insulation you are improving the thermal properties of your home and reducing heat loss. As with any type of insulation, exterior wall insulation will help you save on heating bills as well.