The biggest plumbing myths you have probably fallen for too


Whenever they have a plumbing problem, many homeowners consider that they can fix it themselves, since “it is not that big of a deal after all”. Truth is they couldn’t be any more wrong, because even though the plumbing issue is rather small at first, if it is not fixed by one of the professional plumbers in Bishop’s Stortford, it can lead to more serious problems. Here are the most common myths about plumbing you too probably believed were true.

#1 – Lemons are great for garbage disposal

While it may be true that lemon rind may be a good solution to make the drain smell a little better, it is worth mentioning that this does not last for more than a couple of minutes and it does not clean the drain either. In order to disinfect and clean the garbage disposal, it is essential to use professional cleaning solutions or to resort to the services of an expert in plumbing.

#2 – Anything can be thrown down the drain as long as there is enough water running

Many people have fallen and many continue to fall for this myth that is obviously not true. Running water will definitely not help, regardless of the type of waste you put down the garbage disposal, but on the contrary it can make things even worse and you may have no other option but to call for the professional services of a plumber.

#3 – Plumbing fixtures do not require high maintenance

This is probably the most dangerous myths people believe regarding plumbing. It is essential to do some check-ups every once in a while to ensure the plumbing system in your home runs smoothly and that there are no clogs or garbage disposal that may obstruct the pipes. Leaving the plumbing system unmaintained and just waiting for problems to occur is not a solution.

#4 – All plumbers are the same

Not! All plumbers aren’t created equal, since some of them are specialized in specific plumbing areas of expertise. There are plumbers who continue to educate themselves and like to be up to date to the latest news in the industry and there are plumbers that consider they already learned everything they need several years ago when they attained plumbing courses. It is mandatory you do detailed online research before selecting a specific plumber and to ensure the one that will enter your house to fix your plumbing issues is the best one in the region.