The urban clothing story: what does style stand for


As you very well know, fashion is a question of expressing one’s self. When you are choosing the clothes you are going to wear, you are actually deciding on a message. You can tell the world that you are ready for a challenge or that you are fine with the way you look, no matter what you put on. You can speak about the music you appreciate or the people you enjoy hanging out with. Of course fashion is not only a means of communication; it is also a passion. People choose only the clothes they love the items that fit them like a glove or at least seem to. Urban fashion is in right now and young people absolutely adore it. They love the way they look in it, the way the clothes fit. Obviously, there is a story behind urban clothing pieces, a story that is just waiting to be unraveled. So, to quench your thirst of knowledge, here are a few facts about this world of fashion.

Not one, but multiple cultures


Usually, a particular type of fashion depicts a culture, a distinctive part of society and tends to represents it. With urban fashion, things are a bit more complicated, because this style is that belonging to several cultures instead of a single one. The African American, Latino and even Italian cultures are mixed up together and the result is urban clothing. This style draws attention, but it is because the cultures it has been born out of have the same character. They like standing out, they like being noticed. Fashion, among other things, is a long awaited freedom of expression and it is just about to get louder.


Colors and fabrics


Both the colors and the fabrics used need to stand out. This is the only existing rule. Surely you have noticed that people who appreciate this style choose strong colors like red, green, fuchsia or orange. They like glitter on their clothes and patterns. A simple outfit is never an option. A person who appreciates urban fashion cannot go out in an outfit that says nothing, that is ordinary and that will most certainly pas unnoticed. The fabrics used are not necessarily expensive. They should be of a high quality, but also easy to wear. Cotton and denim may be the two most popular fabrics.


Details change everything


Urban is all about the street. This style is inspired from what is going on in tough neighborhoods, on the basketball court, in schools and so on. The big white sneakers, the baggy pants or the biker jeans, all are incredibly looking clothing pieces. Together with the long simple T-shirts and hoodies, they make the correct urban outfit. If you really want to be part of this fashion, then you need to accessorize that correct outfit. You need a hat or a beanie, an amazing looking belt or at least a pair of glasses. Urban clothing is about the streets, about regular people, about culture and about expressing one’s self. So, having accessories to complete the outfit is definitely a must. With so many online stores, there shouldn’t be any problems in finding just what you need to complete the urban style.