Three reasons to add a water scenery feature to your backyard

The most important aspect of any home renovation project is the scenery because it is the first thing that anyone will notice. If your landscaping budget is tight or if you have a small place and you are looking forward to adding a unique touch to the green space, then the best option you have is to install a water feature. A man made pond or, better yet, a natural stone water feature provides an aesthetically-pleasing element, and can bring a relaxing ambiance to your urban garden or outdoor space. Nonetheless, water features Melbourne are more than simple aesthetics.


Without any doubt, a well-designed item makes your home visually attractive. If you desire to make the most out of the beautiful outdoor space, then adding a water feature makes sense. Flowing water will attract animals such as birds, rabbits, squirrels and others. You will be providing a much needed drink and, in exchange, they will provide you entertainment. For instance, you will be waking up to the sound of singing birds. If you are a nature lover, you will take pleasure in listening to the tweets of birds.  You can enjoy nature without having to leave your backyard.


Flowing water is  relaxing and peaceful. Studies have proved that being near the sea results in reduced stress levels. More precisely, about 5 minutes with nature will help you reduce stress hormones, but being near a cascading water  has an even stronger impact. Water produces negative ions, which boost the mood and implicitly reduce the stress levels. This certainly explains why so many people go so often to the beach. Besides the fact that the sounds are soothing, they will block the noise coming from the street or the neighbours, thus providing you a peaceful area to enjoy the outdoors.

Property value

It is common knowledge that homes that have additional features are generally evaluated higher compared to those that have little or no landscape design. In the event, that you want to sell your home, this will be very useful. Adding an aesthetically-appealing water feature to the property will increase the value immediately and your home will become more desirable to potential buyers. In addition to the fact that your property becomes a competitive property market, the well-designed garden attraction operates in most seasons without ongoing maintenance costs. Similar to pools, a poorly designed garden attraction requires constant maintenance and this can actually deter people from investing in your home.


To conclude, if you want to add interest and beauty to the garden, then adding a stylish water feature is what you should do. There is an extensive range of garden design elements from which you can choose, all of which add numerous benefits to homeowners. Not only will the garden extension increase the curb appeal and the home value, but it will reduce the noise and ensure you metal well-being.