Tips for increasing blind spot coverage

The way cars and trucks are designed has a significant impact on the driver’s ability to see from their cab. Due to changes in vehicle design, more and more collisions take place in Britain. Chauffers are unable to prevent accidents from happening because they can’t see whether or not a car or a pedestrian is in their blind spot. Simply put, they don’t know what is happening around them. Unquestionably, it’s necessary to eliminate the blind spot. Adjusting the rear-view mirror is not enough to get rid of your blind spot. There are specialised products that help drivers like you eliminate the obscuration of the visual field. CLOCS camera systems, for example, can help you banish your blind spot for good. If you want to drive your car safely, get yourself one of the following products. If you’re a lorry driver, tell your boss about the benefits they offer. These pieces of safety equipment can be purchased separately, but there are kits that contain them all, so you don’t have to make endless searches.

Left turn alarm  

Accidents are happening more and more in the UK, so you should  better equip your car with a left turn alarm. The alarm is not for you, but for cars, bicyclists and pedestrians. As the name clearly suggests, the device gives a verbal warning over a speaker, informing anyone coming that your intention is to turn left. Simply put, the alarm warns anyone in your blind spot to stay put while your vehicle is turning. A left turn alarm does come in handy, especially to heavy vehicle rivers.

Blind spot stickers

Having a car lurking in your blind spot can be disastrous. Blind spot stickers are meant to warn cyclists and pedestrians about the dangers of standing alongside a large vehicle. They are not a sign of prohibition, but a safety measure. Warning signals feature a message like “ Blind spot Take care” or “ Pedestrians Do not walk close to this vehicle at any time”. Blind spot stickers are mostly used by lorries that weigh over 3 tons.

Fresnel safety lens

Fresnel lens are typically used as magnifiers because they have a great light gathering ability. But what about HGV drivers? Well, thanks to Fresnel lens, drivers are able to see vulnerable road users like pedestrians and bicyclists. In other words, these lenses help drivers eliminate their blind spot. If you want to enhance your visibility, think about getting windows made from such lenses.