Tips to find student accommodation a lot easier

Being a student is definitely the most beautiful “job”, because you can make lifetime friends and have enough time to travel as much as possible. However, this period also comes with responsibilities that students need to take into serious consideration and an important one is related to finding proper accommodation when they go to college or university. The best place to look for accommodation is the internet, and websites such as might be a great place to start. If you find this to be quite demanding and daunting, here are some useful tips to help you find the right accommodation a lot easier.

Detailed research is mandatory

The moment you have received the answer from the university or college you have applied to, is also the moment you have to start looking for student accommodation. It is recommended to start the research as soon as possible if you want to find one that is closer to the location where you will be studying for the following years. Although you might think you have enough time to find the right apartment to stay, starting the research several months before actually going to the university is the right thing to do. Numerous online platforms provide accommodations for students only, so feel free to browse the internet and look for the one that best suits you.

Choosing between apartment and dorm

After you have found a reliable and reputable online platform, it is time to look through their offers and choose the best one for you. You can opt for an apartment, a house or a dorm room. It is worth mentioning that a large number of students select the dorm not only because it is more cost-effective, but also because of all those student movies with those crazy parties they have seen. In the desire of having similar experiences, they resort to dorms. However, it is important to remember that dorms are more suitable for those adventurous and full of energy type of persons, so in case you want to stay in your room all day and read books, dorms are probably not the right answer for you. Look for a studio apartment or a two-room apartment instead, or even for a bigger house where there are other several students living, but clearly fewer than in a dorm.

Living alone vs. with someone else

Another thing you have to decide when searching for the right accommodation is whether you want to live alone or with a friend or two. In case you want to focus on your career and study as much as possible, it is better to look for a studio apartment. You do not have to worry about anyone who might disturb you in the middle of the night coming home from the club for instance. However, if you do not feel like living alone is the thing for you, you can look for a two-room apartment and move in with your best friend. There are advantages and disadvantages in both situations, so make sure you make the right decision for you.