Tips to get win your ex-girlfriend’s heart back

No matter when you guys broke up, if you realized that she is the love of your life and you just cannot live without her, it is time you took action, because there is always a way to win her back. So without further ado, here is how to get her back:

Take a little time apart

If the separation was quite recent, but you still talk to each other sometimes, you need to stop. It might sound weird and it will definitely be very hard for you, but the more you contact her, the more she will want to avoid you. One of the number one rules of breakup is that you have to give yourselves some time to miss each other, which is why you should avoid contacting her for at least 2 weeks. This means zero contact: no phone calls, no text messages, no tweets or anything else you can think of. Nothing!


Try to understand why she left you

During this time off, you should make an effort to understand why she left you in the first place, because no woman will take you back if you don’t understand the reasons why she broke up with you. Think of what she said or what were the signs she gave before breaking up with you, as everything will lead you to a conclusion. Even if she did not say explicitly why she broke up with you, she probably said how she would like you to change before the split happened, so make a memory effort and try to remember the hints she dropped.


Contact her

After at least 2 weeks of no contact have passed and you still want to get back with her, it is time you reached out. However, don’t send her a heavy message like “let’s get back together”, because she may not react too well. Instead, keep your tine playful and light and help her remember the guy she first met and fell in love with.


When you meet, keep it casual

Your first date after the breakup should be light and casual. Don’t do dinner and a movie, but rather lunch or coffee. Otherwise it will seem as if you are trying too hard and she will lose interest. The key is to make her seem that you are not sexually interested in her, as this will make her feel more comfortable.


Go for it!

After a few casual dates, you should approach the situation. Tell her what you have learnt, how you have changed and show her that you have really understood the way she was feeling and that you are ready to change.


Keep your word

Whether she agrees to get back with you or she still has doubts, in order to keep her by your side, you have to really mean what you said. So actually try to act different, improve yourself and keep your promises. In the end this is all that matters and this is what will convince her to take you back for real.