Tips to plan a wedding in the raining season

What can be more amazing than having your wedding in the raining season, only imagine having the first dance in the sound of the rain, and trashing the dress in the middle of the night. If there are people who like to have their wedding in the summer, when outside is excessively hot, there are also people who would feel more comfortable to get married accompanied by the sound of the rain. If you have your wedding in the raining season, it does not mean that it would rain the entire day, and you will have to face a storm, it rather means that there will be moments of shy sun mixed with rain. For being sure that you do not experience any issues, and your guests feel comfortable, you should hire a company like to provide you a beautiful marquee for your wedding venue. Here are some tips that will help you organise the best wedding in a rainy day.

Rent a marquee

You might adore the rain, but this does not mean that you should place the tables in open field, making your guest stay in the rain for hours. You should hire a marquee with a transparent top, which allows people to see through, and create the impression they are staying in the rain without being wet. A marquee is the perfect option for this type of event, because it can be placed wherever you plan to organise your wedding, and it provides you the best shelter for a rainy day. Depending on your preferences, if you discuss in time with the provider, you might have it modified according to your needs, but you can also choose from a wide variety of models, which feature sidewalls or not. If you want to have the best from your rainy day wedding, you should place the marquee close to a lake and lift the side oriented to the lake, for admiring the view while being inside.

Invest in flower arrangements

If you plan to have your wedding ceremony in open air during the rainy season, then the perfect choice would be to have a flower arch, because it is the perfect setting for this type of event. The only aspect you should consider are the type of flowers you use, because some of them might be too sensitive for being placed in the rain, You can go with hydrangeas, roses, tulips and wild flowers, which would look amazing in your wedding pictures, with rain drops on their petals. If you are a modern bride, you can even go with succulents, which could be a great option, and they will definitely last longer than the other ones. You can ask the florist to make even your bouquet from them, because they come in different shapes, and colours. Do not forget to match the marquee flower arrangements with the ones from the wedding ceremony, because your whole event has to be designed on the same theme. And for making your guests feeling more comfortable you can buy some transparent umbrellas and accessorise them with a little flower, for making them more festive.