Top Rated Robotic Pool Cleaners Under $600

You have just finished building your pool, and now you need a device to clean it, but do not know what to choose due to the fact that you have a low budget? If so, then you should have a look at the following robotic pool cleaners reviews, featuring top rated pool cleaners under $600. By doing so, you will get an idea about what’s on the market, and you will find easier to make a choice.

Aquabot AJET122

You can get this wonderful machine with only $300, which is absolutely amazing. It is a reasonably priced product, yet surprisingly efficient. Aquabot AJET122 is perfect for above or in-ground pools, and it will easily remove the debris from surfaces such as tile, vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass, due to its 2 fixed scrubbing brushes. Based on most of the robotic pool cleaners reviews that we read, the AJET122 will remove all the leaves and dirt that usually are in a pool. Aquabot AJET122 comes in a beautiful design, and with 1-year warranty. In case you have a low budget and you need a unit that will clean very good your pool, you should consider getting this machine. You will certainly not be disappointed.

Nitro Smartpool NC22

A cheap product doesn’t necessary mean that it’s not quality. Smartpool NC22 is the best example of a pool cleaner under $600, that can get the job done. This intelligent appliance is exactly what you need, in order to have a clean pool at all times. It has been designed to offer you a good cleaning experience, no matter the type of the pool that you have. Its sleek design will make possible a maximum maneuvering through the pool. Smartpool NC22 comes with a 2 hour shut off setting, and a one year limited warranty. Moreover, it is equipped with an extra large filter bag capacity. You will certainly be pleased with the results, due to the fact that Smartpool NC22 will efficiently remove debris, leaves, and dirt.

Bluewave NE3285F Aquafirst Super Rover

Even if this unit is quite cheap, it still is very efficient. It is very good when it comes to removing debris from your pool’s floor, but not walls, unfortunately. Aquafirst provides a fast cleaning and a better suction in comparison with other devices in its category, due to its linear jet propulsion. It also has the ability to filter up to 85 gallons of water per minute, which is absolutely fantastic. You will certainly fall in love with this pool cleaner and most of all, you will have a clean pool at all times.