Types of beer that every beer enthusiast should try

Whether you’re going out with friends, watching a football match or just relaxing at home, beer is the perfect drink. If you’ve been enjoying this refreshing drink for years and you’re more than just a casual fan, then you probably know that there’s much more to it than supermarkets have to offer and you also think that lager is quite plain in comparison to all the other craft options that exist out there. These might not be as readily available and you’ll probably have to get a beer subscription, but, if you like quality alcoholic beverages, it will all be worth it. If you’ve just started experimented with various types of beer, here are some must haves that you should taste.


Brown Ale

Brown Ale is a stronger beer, that has an intense and unique taste, but the first thing that stands out is the brown, dark caramel colour. This beverage has different variations, depending on the country of origin. For example, British varieties tend to have a strong, nutty flavour, but are lower in alcohol, whereas the American ones are quite dry and citrussy, because the hop varieties in US differ from the ones in the UK. Brown Ale is best enjoyed in a pint glass and pairs beautifully with heavy, meat based foods.


Pale Ale

Pale Ale is a safe option if you want to try something different from lager, but aren’t ready to taste dark varieties yet. It’s also the most popular type of Ale, so you’ll definitely love it. However, keep in mind that it also comes in several varieties, each with its individual taste and aroma: American amber ale, American pale ale, blonde ale, English bitter and English pale ale. The names may be similar, but taste differs, so you’ll have to try quite a few until you’ve found your favourite. A great way to do this is get a beer subscription or look for real Ale bottle beer to buy online.



Last, but not least, if you’re into your strong, intense flavours, then stout is the beer for you. Stout has a special character thanks to its chocolate and coffee notes but, make no mistake, these flavours do not take away the hops. Usually, stout is best enjoyed with heavy foods, but smoother varieties such as Oatmeal stout can even be tasted with cheese, seafood and sweets.