Unknown Risks of Spa Treatments

Nowadays, many people choose different spa treatments in order to improve their health and relax at the same time. It is true that most of them are exceptional and they offer lots of benefits, but on the other hand, specialists say that there are also some bad sides. For your information, have a look at the following unknown risks of spa treatments.

An increased risk of several diseases

People usually don’t know about the bad parts of spa treatments, and not being well-informed can lead to serious health problems. For example, fish foot spa treatment, which is a very popular one, can easily spread diseases such as hepatitis C or HIV. Furthermore, you can contact different infections which can be very dangerous for your health. People who have a weak immune system are the most vulnerable ones. Specialists say that this category of people or those who have diabetes should not have a treatment like that. However, it is highly recommended that you think twice before you actually resort to such a treatment.

Bad effects on your brain

All type of massages are without a doubt extremely relaxing, and they disconnect us from our daily problems. Moreover, our blood circulation starts to improve which makes us feel better and healthier as well. There are definitely many benefits that massages usually offer us. On the other hand, some specialists say that the stimulation that a massage produces, the pain signals that are usually sent to the brain, will be blocked, which is not very good for the human body. However, this is just a theory which needs to actually be proven with real facts, before we start to worry.

Dermatological problems

This is another important reason why many people don’t choose sauna baths or heated pools. Bacteria love hot and wet environments, and therefore, it will thrive in these conditions. There is the chance to deal with skin irritations, dermatitis, and even psoriasis. Furthermore, you can also inhale the vaporized water with the bacteria, and you can cause digestive problems. Any break in the skin can actually increase the risk of bacteria transmission from different surfaces such as baths, saunas, and even from those hot stones that are used for body massages. These are essential aspects that anyone who wants to go to a spa must be aware. If you are well informed, then you will certainly protect your health, and you can actually choose other types of treatments that will offer you the desired relaxation.

One way of enjoying the benefits of a sauna, without exposing yourself to the risks of common spa bacteria, is to get your own home sauna. We advise you to choose the JNH Lifestyles Freedom sauna. This is an infrared sauna, therefore it is easier to install and maintain than a traditional wet sauna. Due to the fact that it uses infrared therapy, you don’t have to worry about inhaling bacteria from water vapors.  You will see that this sauna, comes in different sizes, in order to suit your needs and your space.

In order to make sure that the spa to which you are going is trustworthy, make sure to read some reviews about it, and preferably book it through a third party such as an online booking agency. Usually, agencies avoid to associate themselves with bad reputations spa, as this can be very bad for their business. On Revitalit you can find listings of reputable spas that offer quality treatments and respect the highest hygiene standards.