Wall mounting vs TV stand for your viewing pleasure

Thanks to advancements in technology, televisions are becoming thinner and lighter. In fact, they are so lightweight that they can be wall-mounted. Mounting the plasma television on the wall helps you get rid of the mess, not to mention that it becomes more pleasant to the sight. Nonetheless, there are people that prefer traditional TV stands. They would rather have their LCD sitting on an entertainment unit than to mount it on the wall. When deciding between a TV stand and a wall mount, there are several considerations to make. Regardless of the choice you make, you can find something suitable for your home décor at TV Stands UK, a good example of a store that carries television furniture.


Flat screens are actually designed to be wall mounted. The advantage offered by a wall-mounted television is the fact that it does not require an entertainment centre. In the absence of a bulky TV stand in the room, you will be able to add a fireplace or anything you consider is necessary. What is more, the likelihood that children and pets will damage your television are very low. The wall mount will also protect the flat screen from general damage, which is a huge issue considering that screens are not exactly cheap. The mount is included in the box the television set comes in, but you can purchase a separate one. What you have to keep in mind is that even if wall mounts free up floor space, they can be quite massive. A grand design will only make the rom seem smaller.

TV stands

Old-fashioned TV stands offer a considerable amount of storage room, which is the reason why many people opt for this piece of television furniture. You have the possibility of accommodating several entertainment devices that accompany the plasma television. No matter the design you choose, you can be sure that it will have at least one shelf to place gadgets such as DVD players. Besides the fact that you will be able to store your favourite devices, you can keep the ugly cords out of sight. Having a television furniture stand is undoubtedly practical, especially for apartments where lacing anchor screws is not an option. If you are not comfortable with the idea of drilling holes into your wall, a TV stand is exactly what you need. The only disadvantage of table supports is the fact that they make the flat screen subject to scratches and damage.

Announcing the winner

It is clear that both wall mounts and TV stands have pros and cons. Unfortunately, there is no clear winner here. As a buyer, you will be the one that has to decide which setup is suitable for your home. You will have to make your decision keeping in mind the place where the LCD will go and of course the traffic in your home. Asses your needs and make a choice. If you have more questions regarding the television furniture pieces that have been discussed previously, you can always ask experts for recommendations.