Ways to get health insurance in France

One of the big issues people, who are not native citizens of France, are facing right now is to get a health care insurance, because they want to be sure that in case they have an accident, or they get sick, they would be able to benefit from all the treatments and care they need. But in modern times it seems quite difficult to get health insurance, especially if you are over 28 years old, because until that age if you are a student, the government would offer you health insurance. Well, you should not panic, because health care in France is not as expensive as you might think, and you would not have difficulties in getting a plan, because you can ask for the help of institutions as cpam 93. They have a well-optimized website where you can find all the details you need, and they could guide you through the process, so you should access their online platform from the beginning. Here are some ways of getting health insurance in France.

You can get health care insurance with the help of your significant other

If your partner is French and she or he is enrolled in the health care system, then you can also be if you are married to him or her. You will have to get in touch with your health care provider and ask them details about the way you can enroll. The process would not be complicated because you would have to submit a proof of your marriage. In case you are not married, then you can ask health insurance on ground of “concubinage”.

Find a job

In case you will find a working place, you would have a health insurance. In France, the social taxes are almost half of your salary, but that would offer you a Carte Vitale. It does not matter if you are working full time, part time, CDI, CDD or internship, you would still be able to get it. But keep in mind that if you have a temporary contract you would get coverage only during the amount of time you are working in the company.

An expat health plan might work for you

In case none of the above options is not suitable for you in getting your Carte Vitale, then you should opt for a health plan especially designed for the expats living in France, because you might not want to go without health coverage for a long period. In case you are a foreign citizen, you should know that there are health insurances offered by national associations of residents. They are created to help the people who are not eligible to get a coverage with the French health system. And as it was already stated, health care in France is affordable, so you would benefit from plans at reasonable prices if you had coverage in your native country, before moving to France. For further information, it is advisable to ask the support provided by specialized websites and institutions, because they have handled issues similar with yours for many years.