Why are car window replacement services important for your family’s safety?


Although you may not think too much of a cracked or chipped windscreen, it might in fact affect the levels of safety your family has while riding in a car. Of course, our family’s safety is crucial, and we must make sure we take into account all possibilities. This Sydney windscreen repairs company is explaining us how much a cracked windscreen can affect our car’s integrity and how can we makes sure we preserve it.


Driving with a cracked windscreen – How safe is it?

Depending on the crack’s dimensions and location, it can be more or less safe to drive is this state. However, even the smallest crack can decay into a larger one, simply because of temperature fluctuations, vibrations and dirt. Furthermore, if the crack occurred near the edge if your windscreen, it is unadvisable to continue driving in this state. Therefore, although you might think this is a minor detail not worth your attention, in the end it will affect your car’s dynamics and integrity. Also, depending on the crack’s location, it will affect differently its integrity and structure. For instance, windscreens and side windows are made from different types of glass. Side windows are manufactured from tempered glass, while your car’s windscreen is made from laminated glass. Because windscreens are manufactured from two layers of glass and between them is placed a sheet of poly vinyl butyral, it should stick together even if it is cracked. However, even so, it affects negatively your car’s dynamics, no matter how small the crack. It decreases your car’s resilience in case of accident or collision, and you want to make sure you avoid this.

Repair or replace?

Whether you must repair your car’s windscreen or completely replace it depends entirely of the crack’s dimensions. Cracks smaller than a coin can be easily repaired by a clear resin composition injected in the crack and treated under ultraviolet light. The area is restored this way, by 95 precent. Cracks exceeding a coin’s dimensions require replacement. Furthermore, if the crack is in the proximity of the windscreen’s edge, the rubber should be replaced as well. Many companies offer rubber replacement services without any additional costs implied.   

What replacement company should I choose?

Accredited repair or replacement companies can make sure that you and your family are safe. They should have a great team of glass technicians that are fully aware about each glass’s properties and dynamics. Same-day services might be vital, especially if you plan a ride in the near future. Also, if your car’s windscreen needs replacement and you prefer aftermarket parts, make sure the company uses exclusively products in correspondence with safety and quality standards in force. Also, don’t choose a company exclusively on financial reasons. Although many might offer cheaper services than others might, they might lack the quality. For a decent price, you can get fantastic services and you can keep your family safe.