Why you should consider Calcium supplements from algae

If we lived in a perfect world, then we would get the calcium we need from the foods that we consume. Unfortunately, things are not the way we expect them to be, so it is necessary to take dietary supplements. You should keep in mind that there are many types of calcium supplements, including calcium carbonate and algae calcium. Should you really be taking plant-based calcium supplements? Actually, you should. Algae, namely the marine-based organisms, absorb calcium and magnesium and bine supporting minerals, reason why they are ideal for your diet. They have a superior absorption rate, so you will not have to take vitamin D. They may be a little bit expensive compared to traditional options, but you have guarantee that they are safe. For instance, the evaluation of AlgaeCal has shown that taking such medicines is safe.

Defining algae-based supplements

Algae calcium supplements are rich in calcium, being produced specifically from red marine-based organisms. Seaweed is not similar to land-based plants in the sense that it does not have typical features, such as rots. What it does have in return is nutrients. Throughout its lifetime, seaweed absorbs minerals from the sea in a natural way. What is worth mentioning is that the calcium remains even after the seaweed is no longer alive. The skeletal remains are essential for maintaining good general health. However, they are treated before being released for consumption because they can contain contaminants as well.

You can get calcium from plants   

Even though you may be tempted to think that dairy products are the only ones rich in nutrients, you are mistaken. Seaweed contains more bone-health nutrients that dairy products and green vegetables together. The calcium that comes from algae is absorbed at a higher rate owing to the fact that they have nutrients which help the body absorb the calcium more efficiently. Plant-based calcium supplements are ideal for those who have lactose intolerance and at the end of the day, you can be sure that you are making the best possible choice. Undoubtedly, you will still have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but diet alone will not ensure you the dose you need.

Yes, algae calcium supplements are recommended

The purpose of this article is not to say that you should not take into consideration traditional forms of calcium, but rather to stress out that seaweed calcium is an option you should consider. They have been proven in terms of efficiency and safety, so you should give them a try. The good news is that there are a number of companies that specialise in the production of algae calcium dietary supplements to choose from, but you have to have guarantee that the products they sell do not contain traces of lead, which is extremely toxic.

In conclusion, it is important to keep in mind that as a powerful as they can be, plant-based supplements cannot fix your problems right away. To be more precise, you should have realistic expectations. Just because you have started taking additional sources of nourishment, this does not mean that your bones will become stronger in a matter of days. On the contrary, you have to take them for some time in order to be able to observe results.